Young Adults


“Working with Dorian has been so helpful during my post-college transition period. She has given me practical tools for thinking through my next best steps, and my life-coaching session have provided clarity and focus to my decision making. If you have found yourself at a crossroads regarding your education or career pursuits I would absolutely recommend working with Dorian!”


It’s not uncommon for recent college graduates to find themselves back home with their parents, jobless and second-guessing their life choices. It’s OK to feel stressed and even envious as you watch your peers thrive, but you must take steps to move forward. If you desire financial freedom, personal health and happiness, you must own your situation and make changes.

A life coach can help you unpack your options, make informed decisions and create an exciting vision for your life. If you would like to explore new perspectives and develop practical strategies for your future, contact me to schedule a free, 30-minute phone consultation. 

What you can expect 

During our initial 30-minute phone call, you’ll share with me your journey so far. From there, we can determine a course of action that typically includes meeting once or twice per week for one-on-one, productive, and completely confidential sessions. Expect to answer powerful questions that will help you think about your life in new ways. You’ll emerge with a clearer understanding of your own values and feel confident exploring the unfamiliar or daunting paths ahead. 

Common Issues for Young Adults:

  • Transitioning into a full-time career 
  • Handling financial insecurities such as college debt
  • Establishing healthy routines as a young adult
  • Coping with emotional stress and family situations
  • Dealing with diminished energy and self-confidence
  • Taking action to move forward in life

What’s Possible with Coaching:

  • Gain a clear understanding of core values and priorities 
  • Improve decision-making skills for a clear vision of the future
  • Increase energy and health through self-care
  • Achieve financial freedom reduce debt 
  • Build confidence and security and less dependence on parents 
  • Grow a social circle with new colleagues 
  • Find joy through arts, volunteering or other activities

If you are ready to move forward, please call to receive your free 30 minute “Introduction to Coaching” phone consolation.  If coaching is right for you, then Dorian can schedule a one hour, on site (75.00) session or depending on your needs, an off site session, billed at a rate of 100.00/hour. 

Clients often ask “How many coaching sessions will I need to make a change in my life or accomplish my goals”? That’s a fair question and the answer is that most clients will meet for 4-6 sessions for a goal where advanced planning or prework has been initiated. Other clients, just beginning to explore what change might look like for them, will benefit from 3 to 6 months of regular (weekly or biweekly) sessions to move forward especially when several goals have been identified. Each client is unique as are their hopes and dreams for the future and as such, the duration of coaching sessions varies.