Working Professionals


Is it truly possible to have it all? If you are single, odds are you may be “married” to your job and finding time for a social life and exercise and other pursuits just doesn’t happen as often as it should. Or, if you do have a family, it often seems like the desire to build a successful career is at odds with the need to be “all-in” at home as a spouse or parent. Ironic, since we’re trying to provide a better life for our family. Exercising, enjoying hobbies or planning for the future are put on the back burner because we’re putting out fires every day.

A life coach can help you find ways to create margin, distinguish urgent matters from what can wait, and strengthen relationships that often suffer in a busy lifestyle. If you would like to gain control of your situation and wrap your arms around the next phase of life, contact me to schedule a free, 30-minute phone consultation.  

What you can expect 

Consider our initial 30-minute phone call an opportunity to share what’s bugging you. From there, we can determine a course of action that typically includes meeting once or twice per week for one-on-one, productive, and completely confidential sessions. Expect to answer powerful questions that will help you think about your life in new ways. You’ll emerge with a clearer understanding of your own values and feel confident tackling your day-to-day business and planning for your future. 


Common Issues for Professionals:

  • Balancing daily work and family life
  • Finding time for family members who need us
  • Planning for the future 
  • Handling financial stress of college, medical expenses or other needs
  • Managing strained relationships with co-workers
  • Taking care of ourselves through exercise and nutrition
  • Facing changes or new phases of life

What’s Possible with Coaching: 

  • Gain understanding of what is truly important 
  • Become decisive when it comes to your career and family choices
  • Build stronger relationships 
  • Envision your future and gain confidence to fulfill it 
  • Prioritize the demands on your time 
  • Initiate healthy lifestyle choices 
work life balance coaching

If you are ready to move forward, please call to receive your free 30 minute “Introduction to Coaching” phone consolation.  If coaching is right for you, then Dorian can schedule a one hour, on site (75.00) session or depending on your needs, an off site session, billed at a rate of 100.00/hour. 

Clients often ask “How many coaching sessions will I need to make a change in my life or accomplish my goals”? That’s a fair question and the answer is that most clients will meet for 4-6 sessions for a goal where advanced planning or prework has been initiated. Other clients, just beginning to explore what change might look like for them, will benefit from 3 to 6 months of regular (weekly or biweekly) sessions to move forward especially when several goals have been identified. Each client is unique as are their hopes and dreams for the future and as such, the duration of coaching sessions varies.