Parents and Teens

Being a teen was never more complicated than it is today. The added pressures of social media and a superficial society compound what is already a season of challenging growth. This is the time when we realize that for, better or worse, there is no one quite like us. As teens, we often feel stressed, insecure and misunderstood.

As parents, it’s difficult to watch our children struggle with these feelings. We remember high school, dating, and other teenage tribulations, but we’re a little fuzzy on how things work today. How or when we should intervene, and how to do it without pushing our teens away, are constant struggles. 

My insight into today’s teenage struggles includes 10 years of experience working as a high school nurse. If you or your teen could use guidance, contact me to schedule a free, 30-minute phone consultation. 

What you can expect 

During our initial 30-minute phone call, you (or your teen) can tell me about your present situation and your top concerns. From there, we can determine a course of action that typically includes meeting alternately with you and your teen. Our coaching sessions will be one-on-one, productive, and completely confidential. I’ll help your teen name and own their values, talents and gifts so they can confidently make their own decisions. We’ll learn how to establish balance, bounce-back from mistakes and express emotions with honesty and respect. Through my coaching, your teen will learn strategies that will help them for the rest of their life. 

Common Issues for Teens and Parents

  • Handling academic stress or pressure to perform
  • Boundary pushing and bending the rules 
  • Excessive or inappropriate use of social media 
  • Vaping and other unhealthy behaviors
  • Dating and relationships 
  • Divorce or other strains on relationships 
  • Building self-confidence 
  • Making decisions about college, or whatever comes next

What’s Possible with Coaching

  • Increase self-esteem and confidence
  • Gain strategies for overcoming setbacks or failures
  • Become a resilient person who has conquered their past
  • Build stronger relationships with family members and friends
  • Learn to value self and maintain personal boundaries
  • Be a better friend and recognize quality friendships
coaching for teens and parents

If you are ready to move forward, please call to receive your free 30 minute “Introduction to Coaching” phone consolation.  If coaching is right for you, then Dorian can schedule a one hour, on site (75.00) session or depending on your needs, an off site session, billed at a rate of 100.00/hour. 

Clients often ask “How many coaching sessions will I need to make a change in my life or accomplish my goals”? That’s a fair question and the answer is that most clients will meet for 4-6 sessions for a goal where advanced planning or prework has been initiated. Other clients, just beginning to explore what change might look like for them, will benefit from 3 to 6 months of regular (weekly or biweekly) sessions to move forward especially when several goals have been identified. Each client is unique as are their hopes and dreams for the future and as such, the duration of coaching sessions varies.